Channel Classics Records is delighted and honored to introduce new state of the art recordings together with the best of Chinese traditional and western style instrumentalists. This series is called Channel of China.

China is a country of contrasts, subtle images and refined tastes which have developed over the last 5000 years. Our series will be exploring the wide range of musical styles and bring these recordings to a world wide audience. The series will range from a simple Pipa solo to a full symphony orchestra and from1000 year old traditional melodies to the most well known Chinese composers of our times.

Latest releases

  • Hello Mr. Paganini
  • Paganini
  • Chinese Lieder
  • Ge, Jianfen, Qingzhu, Qiufeng, Sha, Traditional, Yuanreng, Zhongrong, Zhuang
  • Magic Flute Of China
  • Feng Zi Cun, Liu Guan Yue, Lu Chun Ling, Ning Bao Sheng, Qu Xiang, Tang Jun Qiau, Tang Li Zhong, Yang Qing, Yu Xun Fa, Zhao Slong Ting And Cao Xing, Zhao Song Ting
  • Ambush On Al Sides
  • Traditional
  • Serena - Dances of the Dolls
  • Chopin, Dan Zhaoe Yi, Fu Gen Chen, He Lu Ting, Liszt, Mozart, Oesten, Poulenc, Shostakovich, Tan Dun
  • Tug At China's Heartstrings
  • Bao Yuan Kai, Gu Guan Ren, Guo Wen Jing, Li Fu Bin, Li Guo Hun, Ning Yong, Wang Dan Hong, Wang Hui Ran, Wu Hua, Yan hai Deng, Zhang Hong Yan, Zhao Ji Peng